Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Dear friends,

Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak, all gatherings at St. Matthew’s have been suspended for the time being, this includes Sunday morning worship, Sunday afternoon worship, Wednesday Fireside Services, Thursday Chancel and Bell Choir Practice, Good Book Club, Mothers’ Union, Revive, and Organ Recitals.  (If your community group rents space at St. Matthews please check with them directly for further instructions.)

While these are definitely anxiety provoking times, fear and panic are not helpful responses.  We cannot make good and healthy decisions when we are in that state.  It’s interesting to note that in Scripture whenever a situation arises that might cause fear, the message we hear most often is “Do not be afraid.” Yes, we need to take precautions and yes, we need to prepare; but we also need to breathe and be calm.

While we cannot gather together to worship, we can continue to pray, sing and read scripture on our own, or virtually through a variety of on-line platforms.  Check out our Facebook page or the Diocese of Niagara Facebook page for some opportunities to share our faith in this time.

Also, please note that Canon Susan Wilson remains available to respond to urgent pastoral matters.  Call the church office at 905-632-1233 to connect.

I will continue to uphold you in prayer and ask you to do the same for me and for others.  May God give us grace to be patient and kind with ourselves and with one another, and may God’s healing touch be upon all those who are ill.