For some the start of September is a stressful time filled with anxious new beginnings, lots of changes and the grief that comes with letting go of the carefree feeling that comes with the summer sun. For parents it is an especially challenging time as they carry their own anxieties while trying to help their children cope with their fears.  Even if you don’t have children returning to school, the beginning of the school year marks a shift in your activities too.  The hope for one more round of golf gives way to raking leaves, the gardener harvests and puts down their flavourful produce, and longer days give way to cooler evenings.  For others, autumn is an exhilarating time when they can dive into new activities, begin new projects and enjoy the changing colours of the leaves.

From September 1st to October 6th the church celebrates the “Season of Creation”.  It is a special time for us to reflect on the beauty of creation and to consider our care of it. Each week as we gather we set aside the activities of autumn to rest and pray, to give thanks to God and to encourage one another in our care of creation.  St. Matthew’s is a welcoming and safe place to explore your faith and your understanding of your place in God’s creation.  I invite you to come as you are whenever you can.