To me, September always feels a little bit like a mini “New Year’s”.  Whether or not you have students in your household or in your extended family, you can’t help but notice the “Back to School” signs everywhere.  Some young people are headed off to their first day of kindergarten, others are off to college or university, and still others embark on some kind of continuing education program.  It seems to me that after the relaxed schedule of the summer, the autumn start-up can feel a bit frantic.  Work schedules feel fuller.  Shortened office hours extend back out.  We ‘pick up’ where we left off, and we strive to take on new things.


How about you?  What does the fall start-up bring back into your life?  Is there anything noticeably missing in your life from this year’s start-up?  What events or activities ground you?  What routines are you ready to take back up?  Which ones are you happy to let go of?


As the care-free-ness of summer gives way to the care-full-ness of autumn, I pray that you would continue to notice the beauty of God’s creation, the abundance of God’s blessings, and the joy of new beginnings.  Here at St. Matt’s we strive to make space in our lives to be attentive to God’s presence, not only in worship but also in our daily living in the wider world.  Please accept this invitation to ‘come and see’ what gifts God might have to offer you as you begin anew this fall.