Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy New Year!!

Turning to the first page in a calendar is wonderful thing to do, especially when it is a new calendar for a New Year!  Filled with expectations, high hopes and enthusiastic new plans, we launch into a new year, leaving behind the old failures, disappointments and struggles.  And, it feels great!!

Alas, it seems that all the good intentions and positive plans for this new year will, reluctantly, tarnish by the time we turn the next page on the calendar. Yes? No? Well, for many of us, this is the sad truth; so much so that many have stopped making new year’s resolutions or any other plans that might sound like a resolution. Sometimes, we get tired of trying and failing again, so we don’t even bother. And, that my friends, leads to despair.

How can we hold onto the positive energy and good feelings about our hopes and dreams? How can we prevent ourselves from falling into grief about our losses and failures?

Primarily, it takes remembering who we are and whose we are.  No matter how terrible life has been in the past, or what we fear in the future, nothing can take away the truth that you and I are beloved children of God. And, God, who loved us and all creation into being, is not going to stop loving us or being with us.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t face trials, but it does mean that we won’t face them alone.

The Christian Church, like St. Matthew’s, exist so that we can remind one another of these things and so that we can encounter of the God of Love in our midst.  And we’re here for you! Check out all the events above and drop by for a visit.  We look forward to meeting you.